785 miles down, 5000 to go

My journey has begun. I’m currently sat in Madrid airport on my two hour layover as part of the trip from London to Bogota. I decided to write my first post from Madrid about six months ago, shortly after I registered this blog name and several others in a wild panic (what if ALL the names are taken by September?!).

I have to admit I had a rather more romantic notion of how this would all begin. I imagined I’d be sat in a peaceful early-morning airport lounge with the sun beaming through huge panes of glass through which I’d watch planes take off as I typed. Instead I am crammed awkwardly next to a plug socket, in a maze of fluorescent shop signs, with the intermingling scents of duty free perfume and the man next to me’s Big Mac. As a result of a gross overestimation of the size of my backpack, I am wearing all of my bulkiest clothes. I woke up at 3am. I’m not convinced I put on deodorant. I am hot and tired, mildly nauseated and grossly irritated by the lady across from me playing videos out loud on her phone. Still, more than anything, I’m also painfully excited.

My first stop is Colombia where I hope to spend for 6-8 weeks learning Spanish and soaking up everything the country has to offer (a dangerous statement to make). Despite never setting foot on Colombian soil before, my obsession with the country is reaching fever pitch. Through a heady combination of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Narcos binge watching on Netflix and reading articles like this, I can’t wait to spend some time there. And I’m very excited to start taking learning Spanish seriously.

I have just under two hours until my flight. I’ve just received a text saying my flight boards through gate “RSU”. The sign over head informs me to turn left for R gates, right for S gates and U does not exist. I will overcome this first challenge, and report back from Bogota.

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