La Paz, Tentatively

La Paz appears to be a city where you either sink or swim. Bolivia’s capital is frenetic. The snarling, gnarled streets are crawling with people, with traffic, with ad-hoc market stalls selling sunglasses, underwear, toothpaste, fire extinguishers, toilet seats, soup, you name it. Juice is pressed, fish are gutted and tripe is sliced. Car horns… Continue reading La Paz, Tentatively

Dicing with Danger: Bolivia’s Death Road

Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’ was carved into the canyonside in the 1930s. For over 60 years, it was the only road that connected the capital of La Paz high up in the mountains to the town of Coroico in the jungle beneath. With 35 miles of narrow rocky path with very few rails to temper the sheer drops… Continue reading Dicing with Danger: Bolivia’s Death Road