My name is Rachel. I’d always loved the idea of travelling, but in 2015 a two-week solo trip booked on a whim to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro made me realise it was entirely possible. I saved for a year (my secret was lentils and learning to live with chronic FOMO) and finally left London in September 2016. First stop: Colombia. I’d always wanted to learn Spanish, and I knew it would be essential if I was travelling alone around South America. I initially planned to stay in Medellin for just a month whilst I got to grips with the language but fell instantly in love with the city. I would have stayed for ever, but I’d paid quite a hefty deposit to do the Inca trail in November (and also experience of a lifetime, etc) so I left it until the last minute I could and then flew to Peru to begin my trip proper. I travelled by bus from Cusco, all the way down through Peru, Bolivia, Chile, nudging Patagonia before heading into Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. I finally flew back to Colombia where I spent the last six weeks seeing the sights I didn’t get to the first time around and generally falling in love with the country all over again.

I returned to London knowing that travel was going to be a big part of my life, and instantly set about planning for the next trip. I’m now out and about in South East Asia.

Travel blogs were a lifeline when I was planning my trip the last time around. I read them for inspiration, escapism and genuinely practical advice. I’ve found that writing this blog has given me something familiar to come back to in unfamiliar surroundings but hopefully it also conveys my unwavering excitement to be in other places.