Superficial Scenes in Canggu

I’m writing out of order. We’re skipping Thailand, Australia and a night in Singapore that I probably won’t blog about anyway because I spent the majority of it in a windowless room about the size of a toilet cubicle. We’re leapfrogging over my flirtation with snowboarding in France, and how I now come complete with… Continue reading Superficial Scenes in Canggu

Wonder in Nusa Penida

Holy places are everywhere in Bali. From a small roadside stone shrine tucked between a mini-mart and a laundry service to a meditation space clinging to the side of a sea-pummelled cliff, the spiritual is ever present. Whilst I’ve always tended to err on the side of observer rather than participant when it comes to… Continue reading Wonder in Nusa Penida

Elsewhere Again – Far East and Down Under

I couldn’t be happier to be typing in this familiar white space again. I’m back! I’ve gone elsewhere, and I’m over (t)here. The decision to come travelling again was an obvious one. As I sat on a plane back from Bogotá in April, at the end of my seventh month away from the UK, sadness… Continue reading Elsewhere Again – Far East and Down Under