Under the Sea in Tioman

I have barely any pictures of my time on Tioman Island. The sea was turquoise and the creamy sand beaches swept along it, perfectly smooth and dotted with shells and sun bleached coral fragments. The low waves didn’t so much break on the shore as nudge it tenderly. The Jurassic Park jungle rose dramatically from… Continue reading Under the Sea in Tioman

Going along for the ride: Punta del Diablo

And so onto my second totally unexpected but completely unforgettable experience of Uruguay: Punta del Diablo and its wild-beach strewn national park. I’ve learned that it’s best viewed from atop a horse, at dusk, after swigging red wine from the bottle and ignoring all nagging fears for your own safety. Before I reached there, I… Continue reading Going along for the ride: Punta del Diablo